A Win-Win Situation : Elektrek Clothing

From 2005 until let's say 2012, people knew me as SIKK "the dancer". And I've made pretty great contacts by the means of social media. Myspace topped them all for me. But that's a different story. When the idea of PACESIX started to take form in my mind and on paper in late 2011, I already had two twitter accounts and on the second one, I discovered ELEKTREK CLOTHING.

Who are they ? Elektrek is a clothing and design business. It was founded in 2008 by Amanda Di Genova and I know she works with her sister & a super cool kid name Joanne. Basically, Amanda and I clicked for some reasons and we kept in touch. She probably liked what I was doing (pre-pacesix shit), she saw I had Montreal tatted on my forehead and so she hit me up saying "YO, WHAT'S YOUR HOME ADDRESS I WANT TO SEND YOU SOME GEAR!"

Uh what ? Just like that ? Who does that ? Why ? Dancing around town, different venues, shows, events since 05 ... nobody approached me like that. I got all kind of love and feedbacks of course. But this time, it was different. You probably think that's nothing. But it meant the world to me at that moment. Sincere Intentions. We were two fearless ladies actively daydreaming. I support that. And I believe that's what Amanda & what she represents, her brand & business ELEKTREK Co. represents. Those things sometimes happen. It could also just be words of encouragement. People who pay attention and show appreciation are in for the long run. 3 years later, I'm still admiring their hustle and rocking their gear.

I kept the letter she sent me & also the package bag because I keep things like that as souvenir. Great souvenirs. I will forever praise these kind of attention. 

In order to grow, you need to reach out and reach in to those "strangers" who feel so familiar to you and what you portray. It may be a marketing move, sure. But trust me, if it's right, it will feel right. And it's a win-win situation.