Krystale contacted me in october 2013 and asked me to direct the video of her song "Cold Without You". She gave me total creative control which blew my mind away. "I would love to dance on this video" she said and I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to pull up my best cards. I had to build up a team fast, because we'd have to shoot the video in december. Everything went smoothly, from the preproduction to the last frame we did the color correction. Yes, doing the color correction at Matthew's studio "the batcave" have been to me a great learning experience. I met a perfectionist, a professional and a great teacher. Editing this was a piece of cake, just because the whole process to me was pleasant. The result speaks for itself and I'm extremely proud of it. Thanks to everyone who was involved.


Green Hypnotic. When he leaned his back against this wide window, wearing those glasses, that white cardigan and the timberlands on his feet - I saw something. Pull out my camera. Backlight. Perfect. He opened his mouth. Oh snap! Charisma, and my camera loved it. I thought we would be done after 30 minutes, home in maybe 2 hours. Nah! Green is so interesting and interested in life...that we talked for an hour or 2. It was one of the realest and most memorable moment I had with anyone. I couldn't wait to get home because I knew I couldn't make it a 3 min. portrait. I just knew, it would be a 3 parts video. Amazingly, he also felt the same way as he recalls that interview with PACESIX, a defining moment for the direction of his album.


Starting off in this business as a vagabond type of dancer, I was given salty looks because ain't no such things in life as setting your own rules. But then came SPICEY. She ALWAYS looked at me straight into my eyes and said "keep working baby girl, you got it". "OG" I call her an original gangster in Montreal. She've paved a way for hip-hop dancers in this city. Her love for hip-hop's culture, the raw, the foundation, the feeling is the connection I have with her. She hit me up to shoot her brilliant piece this summer. And contacted me again to say we weren't done working together. She said some things about the artistry of my work that made me realize who I was in her eyes. Who she saw is who I was seeing. It's an honour. 


You never know when you'll make a new friend in today's day and age. We've been knowing each other for years, but never that close. We decided to become partners. SPARKS is a great makeup artist and there's depth in her vision. It clicked and it's working out. There's no stress, only positive vibrations and when we crack jokes, we crack jokes. I rarely asked for any help, but I've learned to change my ways and my perceptions. It's a good thing to have a second opinion when it comes to making big decisions. 


Less than a year ago, winter 2014, Olivier opened his HIP-HOP CAFÉ after 10 years of hard work. My eyes got so big when I first saw the news "big opening in a month"! Montreal, Montreal, Montreal, that café was such a blessing and an eye-opener. Olivier's vision was on point, it has bridging the gap between the non hip-hop community and the hip-hop fans, it was a platform for new artists and entrepreneurs to express themselves, to educate others, to promote their craft. I'm using the past tense because Hip-Hop Café had to close their doors in november. The story is not over yet. A new chapter is on the making. Olivier has plans, drive and big dreams. I believe in him. It has been such a pleasure meeting him, exchanging ideas and hahahas! It was another opportunity for me to learn more about the business world. Thank you for sharing with us and for your generosity! Power to you.

Thanks to everyone who've made this year of growth possible. Don't be satisfied with being just a good employee. You can do so much more when you put your mind into it.