- while listening to Charlie Parker -

Late 2012, I bought this mac on craigslist and I'm finally going to get rid of it. I've been working with a struggling-used mac for nearly 3 years. But hey, it held on, gave me anxiety a couple of times when I thought it would crash in the middle of a contract. I'm glad I pushed through because it's time we get serious around here. Ah!

My Canon T3i. I bought this guy on facebook, High Klassified was selling it in 2012. Copped it, worked my way around it - until today! That 18-55mm is my classic. Standard, nothing special, but useful. Useful, because I had to make it work for me. Found my angles, got creative with the lightning, no complaints. Within the passed 3 years, I developed my own style.

You know, like independent samurais back in the feudal era in Japan. Most would study technics to become the best samurais and later on, they would create their own swords styles and technics. Depending on what environment they grew up in, their favorite hobbies, habits... they'd use everything life had to teach them and use it as a weapon, literally. It's the same thing one must do when it comes to perfect its own craft. 

That's what I did when dealing with the "struggling" equipment I owned to learn and teach myself. The more I did, the more I became aware of the importance of details. Become by doing. I see the bigger picture in the little piece of information I'm given. If art and what I do is my weapon, well... doing a lot with less is my technic. It's something I comprehend. It's deeply rooted. It goes way back when I was a kid. It's a way of life. And I'm slowly mastering it.

The reason I'm sharing this... it's because you have your own path and your own understandings of life. The rules are made to be broken, but there are principles that are your own that no one should have access on. Your worth is what you must respect. Making a living, living off what you love is possible. Observe others but mostly yourself. There are patterns, and things you excel at that you don't value and SHOULD. Think about it. Hustle your way by being yourself and acknowledging it.